Isbell Arts


Lakeside School District

Lakeside Farms Elementary 4th/5th mural project.

Lemon Crest Elementary 2nd/3rd basic art skills,

Riverview Elementary 3rd grade mural project,

Lindo Park Elementary 3rd grade basic art skills

Lindo Park Elementary 3rd, 4th, 5th grade basic art skills

Lakeside Middle School grades 6,7,8 mural project, pictures

Lakeside Middle School grades 7,8 life drawing skills project

Lakeside Middle School grades 7,8, life portrait project, pictures

Lakeside Middle School grade 8 landscape design/composition/painting project .

Lakeside Farms Elementary School Second Grade Musical Production pictures

Curriculum design for Lakeside Superintendent Carole Leighty

James Hubbell Project, San Diego River Art.

Tierra Del Sol Middle School grades 6,7,8 basic art skills for art career practical application,

Tierra Del Sol Middle School, grades 7,8 drawing skills


Lemon Grove School District

Mt. Vernon Elementary School, grades 1,2,3 basic art skills.

San Miguel Elementary School, grades 2, 3 basic art skills.

Monterey Heights Elementary School 5th grade landscape projects

Vista La Mesa Elementary School 5th grade portrait projects.

Vista La Mesa Elementary School 1st grade, basic art skills


San Diego Unified School District

Mural - King Elementary School ( Now King/Chavez Academy Charter) pictures

Kumeyaay Elementary School basic art skills grades 3, 4, and 5.

Clay Elementary School grade 3 basic art skills.

Penn Elementary School grades 3, 4, 5.

ICAN Model project for San Diego Unified Staff Development Model using CA Visual Arts Standards and joint planning with teachers :pictures

• Sunset View Elementary School 3rd grade

• E.B. Scripps Elementary School 3rd grade.

• Kimbrough Elementary School 3rd grade

• Loma Portal Elementary School 4th grade

• Florence Elementary School 3rd grade

Monroe Clark Middle School, "Windows into Clark" Collaborative Project

Monroe Clark Middle School, Making A Connection, the Nokia Project

Hawthorne Elementary School grades 4 and 5 basic skills

Hoover High School summer mural painting project pictures

Arts Assessment Cadre For ICAN - VAPA.


TAP and ITQ Staff Development Arts Lesson Modeling the following schools: 2007/2008/2009

• Baypark Elementary

• Cadman Elementary

• Gage Elementary

• Sequoia Elementary

• Baker Elementary

• Jefferson Elementary

• Marshall Elementary

• Central Elementary

• Carson Elementary

Imperial Beach, South Bay School District

Oneonta Elementary School pictures


Sweetwater School District

Castle Park Elementary School pictures


National City School District
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